Paul DuFour
Design + engineering

Supporting organizations in transition from sustainability + justice theory to action.

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The Or Foundation | Accra, Ghana | Jan 2020 - present

Facilitating development of local textile recovery system as part of a multi-faceted effort to catalyze a Justice-Led Circular Economy in Accra, Ghana.

Field Day Family Farm | Louisville, Kentucky | Mar 2020 - Mar 2021

Supported Ivor Chodkowski in operation of local produce farm.

Precious Plastic | Eindhoven, The Netherlands | Oct 2018 - Nov 2019

Member of development team for open-source plastic recycling platform that shares tools, techniques, and knowledge needed for people across the globe to recycle plastic locally.

Earthworm Project | Louisville, Kentucky | Aug 2017 - Sep 2018

Founded educational organization focused on cultivating behavior change through product development and hands-on material literacy workshops for people of all ages.

Procter & Gamble | Cincinnati, Ohio | Summer '15 + Fall '16

Completed one design management and one R&D co-op rotation in Baby Care and Home Care businesses respectively. Led projects focused on assessing and inspiring P&G's sustainability strategy.

Design engineering notes and resources

Living record of resources I've found useful when learning how to make things real.